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Caring 'more naturally' for your companion animals --

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Our Mottos are:

"Make Informed Decisions"


“There is Usually More Than One Way

of Doing Something Right.”

Discussion is on all aspects of caring for our companion animals, and the focus is on health, including:

Feeding (raw/BARF, home-made cooked food) Supplements, Grooming, Exercise, Training, etc.

Complementary Alternative Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) as well as Conventional Vet Med -- AKA Integrative Veterinary Medicine.

Holistic Healing Modalities:

Acupuncture, Acupressure, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Massage, Traditional Herbal Medicine (THM), Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Reiki, Ayurvedic, Kinesiology, etc.

Nutrition is said to be the 'Foundation of Health', and is the most popular topic. Some dogs & cats are unable to tolerate a raw food diet, and this is a good forum to discuss home-made food. We are *all* learning - even the experts, the scientists and researchers who advise everyone about the BEST diets for staying healthy.

Here's something to think about:

"Because nutritional biochemistry is constantly evolving, some have questioned whether a manufactured diet can ever contain 'complete' nutrition. One example can be found in the fatal consequences of dietary taurine deficiency that occurred in cats being fed, interestingly, a high-quality premium diet (Pion and others, 1987). ... scientists cannot know everything necessary about animal nutritional requirements."
------ excerpt from: Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine, Principles and Practice, edited by Allen M. Schoen, DVM, MS, and Susan G. Wynn, DVM

"If a diet is unnatural, disease will keep company with those subjected to it."
--- Juliette de Bairacli Levy, Author of The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat, first published in 1955

On occasion, we have a professional in Complementary / Alternative fields as our Special Guest -- answering Members' questions. We invite you to join us, our Veterinarians & other Special Guests!!

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   Sherman at 2 months

ă Robert W. Cauley - Photography



Health, Behavior, Natural Care, & Being Our Animal's Advocate

An enormous amount of helpful Information pertaining to many issues animal lovers encounter. Generally, more natural options are offered, including utilizing various complementary / alternative modalities. 




It was September 10, 2004 when I got the urgent call from my neighbor about the local animal shelter that was flooded.  Out of the chaos I brought home two cats to live with us, a male I named Leo and a female I named Juliette.  Leo, was the most loving cat I've ever known. Sadly, he came down with a fatal illness, FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) and has passed on. Juliette is our princess and enjoys watching the squirrels at the birdfeeders!
"... They were trapped. The first rain seeped into All Creatures Great and Small late Tuesday afternoon, as remnants of Hurricane Frances struck Hendersonville. But water soon surrounded the no-kill animal shelter ... flooding the kennels. ... more than 500 dogs and cats were stranded ... When the day ended, it would take scores of volunteers, sheriff's deputies and rescue workers to save most of the animals. Some wouldn't make it.  ..."
read more about the story.

Helpful Information concerning our Feline Friends

Guidelines approved by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and other informative articles.



Fun Activities for the Dog

A Dog Herding Clinic (not so much fun for the Sheep & Ducks....)



 Thinking of getting a dog? Here's an article to help you choose the right one! Picking A Puppy - how the genetics of behavior can help you choose the best one for you  by Susan Thorpe-Vargas, PhD



 Nail Trimming - A Better Way



  Berry Good Health

by Susan Thorpe-Vargas Ph.D.

 "Multiple studies have discovered that phytonutrients found in raspberries can protect us from cancer and can even shrink some types of cancer tumors.  These substances can also act as an antibacterial and as an antiviral agent.  Does this sound too good to be true?  One particular substance found in this natural “medicine chest”, is a series of compounds called ellagitannins. The highest levels are found in raspberries, but the ellagitannins are also in certain types of grapes, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and some nuts too.  ..."

please Click on the Link above to read the entire article




Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina - October 2005

Photo courtesy of Robert W. Cauley

(web photo has imbedded copyright watermark)

Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement 2004 International Conference  - with some HIGHLIGHTS.



  A Veterinarian Asks:

"Do veterinarians create these [health] problems by over-vaccinating puppies or kittens, endorsing monotonous diets of dry pet food, and suppressing the signs of disease with drugs?"

"While their treatment plan is medicine, the outcome is not health!  True health begins with a varied diet of fresh, whole foods; avoiding redundant vaccinations and persistent pesticides; promoting repair with natural therapies that help restore normal function."



Rufus - the Yellow Lab reportedly severely burned by an Electronic Training Collar   Ever thought of getting one of these Electronic (Shock) Collars -- believing them to be safe -- and cheaper than putting up a fence?   Well, according to the report -- this poor dog will never be the same --and the apparently the manufacturer denies responsibility.  How many other dogs have been injured?  This is information every dog lover needs to know!



The Story about Laddie

the Rescued Sheltie, and documentation that the VACCINATIONS do shed in the environment.  Perhaps my experience can help others.



  Chemicals   Household products, even weed killers can have serious consequences.  Here's a thought-provoking article on Pesticides and Aggression (impact on the thyroid gland).



"Virtually the entire population of domestic animals (as well as humans) has Chronic Illness"   "... it only takes one native generation on processed food to deteriorate in health and "Three to four generations are required to completely reverse this damage with nutrition alone."

---From  Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs: Small Doses for Small Animals by Don Hamilton, DVM.  Dr. Hamilton is an expert veterinary homeopath who teaches other veterinarians.  Click on the Link above to read my short review of his excellent book.



 Using the Natural Approach to Healing a pulled ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament). Read Maggie Mae's success story.



  Transition To Home-Made Food  Here's some helpful suggestions to switch your dogs and cats from the commercially manufactured feed to wholesome, home-made food.


Photo by Robert W. Cauley

Photo courtesy of Robert W. Cauley

reprinted with permission 

   Flower Essences - Healing Therapy

Flower Essences "Flower essences help animals move through illness or injury with amazing speed and efficiency. And, using flower essences with animals is easy. All of the Perelandra Essences can be used with animals. For this, you'll definitely want to have the book, Flower Essences. It explains how to use kinesiology with animals and how to administer the essences. Also included are instructions on how to test animals during illness, for fleas, for behavioral changes, for injury, for overnight stays at the vet and for surgery. Machaelle also discusses flower essences and animal death in this book."


I thought it would be helpful to provide some helpful excerpts from a wonderful book, Flower Essence Repertory - A Comprehensive Guide to North American and English Flower Essences for Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz.


This sort of information is very useful for dealing with emotional states and behavior problems - for us and our companion animals.


The Flower Essence Information Below is Reprinted 

with the Kind Permission of  

the Flower Essence Society.

"Animals and Animal Care"   Flower Essences


Flower Essences for those Dealing with Loss of a Loved One



 Informed Consent - regarding Medications

What you DON'T know CAN hurt you and your Companion Animal.

"...increasing concern by consumers about risk and benefit of commonly prescribed, approved animal drugs..."

            --Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Assoc. (AVMA) FDA Surveillance News  January 15, 2004





"Welcome to the National Animal Interest Alliance
The nation's leading advocate for animals and the people who care for them!"

"The mission of NAIA is to promote the welfare of animals, to strengthen the human-animal bond and safeguard the rights of responsible animal owners."


"Our mission is to become North Carolina`s leading voice for responsible animal ownership and preservation of the human-animal bond.

To accomplish our mission we will ~Educate the public and provide resources and information about animal care and training. ~Identify areas of need and assist communities and individuals in reaching sensible solutions to animal issues. ~Support reasonable and humane animal welfare laws. ~Oppose groups and those individuals that would restrict the rights of responsible animal owners."

Animal Welfare vs Animal Rights: Understanding the Difference


Rimadyl  -- Very Important Information  be informed BEFORE giving it to your companion.


  ARTHITIS / JOINT HEALTH-- the Alternative / Complementary Approach - instead of Rimadyl 

Also, be informed about dosage of Soloxine -- read Maggie Mae's story.


August 18, 2004: "Jean Townsend of Johns Island, South Carolina announced today that a settlement has been reached with Pfizer, Inc. in what appears to be the first lawsuit of its kind in this country – a lawsuit over injuries that led to the death of Ms. Townsend's chocolate lab, George. ..."

To speak directly with a Pfizer representative about Rimadyl and your experience with your dog taking it, or discuss any other questions you may have, call:  800/ 366-5288

Hours: 9am -12noon and 1pm-5pm

Monday through Friday.



Which Drugs / Medications  are many people concerned about?

How to to report ADVERSE REACTIONS, and why it's IMPORTANT for you to do so.

"The CVM [Center for Veterinary Medicine] established the hotline, (888) FDA-VETS, in 1996 to receive calls about adverse experiences to approved animal drugs."     

  "We expected many of these reports to come from practicing veterinarians, but our review indicates that a majority of the calls in the past few years have come from consumers, particularly dog owners who find our link on the Internet."

                            ---- Dr. Victoria Hampshire

from the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Assoc. (AVMA) FDA Surveillance News  January 15, 2004 [excerpt]



  Internet Discussion Groups / Lists Thinking of of joining to learn about more natural ways to care for your companions? Here's some good Groups and Newsletters which are freely available.



What did you think about the Seminar?   Would you recommend it to others?  It might be worth the time and expense, or it might not.  Read what some people have to say.  Participate in an informal survey by providing feedback on a seminar relating to companion animals, with the emphasis on health and wellness.. 



 Pet Sitting Links  Most companions would probably prefer to stay home if their humans must be away for a short while.


When Something Stinks…and It’s the Dog (or Cat)!

Uh oh!  A skunk sprayed your dog or cat!  The smell is obnoxious and overwhelming, plus, it can linger for quite some time.   I keep some products on hand - just in case.

A Codicil in One's Last Will and Testament



 Great Computer Tips



 FDA Enforcement Report  DRUG RECALLS

Heartworm Medications, and MORE -- The Official Definition and explanation of the Class Codes -- some recalls included, with Links to read others.



  The CVM - FDA  - They're SUPPOSED to be 'Looking Out For Our Companions'

How would WE know if a medication prescribed for our Companion turns out to be ineffective or dangerous?

Well, click on the Link above to learn "HOW IT WORKS".


PLEASE Leave Your Animal Companion Home During HOT WEATHER

Click on the above link to PRINT-OUT a GREAT FLYER. 

Recent news articles sadly report that dogs have died as a result of the malfunctioning of the air conditioners in cars!  One was a police vehicle.

Another factor that most people don’t think about is that the asphalt gets very HOT and there’s the poor dog -- having to stand / walk on it while the humans feet are protected with with shoes!


 When Employees in the HEALTH fields Make SERIOUS MISTAKES

Eradicating Heart Disease

  Orthopedic Foundation For Animals

   Links to Various Veterinary Schools

 "Lead Poisoning is more obvious in dogs than in children! Symptoms of lead poisoning in dogs: diarrhea, vomiting, lack of appetite, seizures."

    ---Veterinary toxicologist Stan Casteel, University of Missouri, Columbia, is quoted in USA Today.

ă Copyright 1995 Helen L. McKinnon All Rights Reserved

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