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March 2004 Newsletter:

Hello Animal Lovers,

Spring is around the corner and most animal caregivers will soon be scheduling their ďannual wellness examsĒ. Remember that vaccine titers may be a better choice, and simply add on a heartworm test for about $9. through Dr. Jean Dodds/ HEMOPET

As for my initial experience in questioning over-vaccination, back in 1989, Iíd picked a beautiful female puppy and gave the breeder a deposit. A few days later she broke the tragic news to me that the puppy had died as a result of bloat, verified by a necropsy. That litter of pups had just been vaccinated. Was there a connection?

Ever since then, Iíve been educating myself on health issues concerning my companion dogs and cats as well as human health. Iím sending along some informative news, which should answer some questions and pique the interest of others.

We do want to make *informed decisions* on behalf of our beloved companions. You may want to print-out the Vaccine Release Form: , just scroll down to see that item.

This month we're featuring a great web site for you to visit- spend a little time and learn a great deal.


Featured This Month:

Cold River Vet Center

Konrad Kruesi, DVM

Nutritional Medicine For Cats and Dogs

Case report: Is this health?

"Many dogs and cats are referred to Cold River Veterinary Center after a long history of illness. Do veterinarians create these problems by over-vaccinating puppies or kittens, endorsing monotonous diets of dry pet food, and suppressing the signs of disease with drugs? While their treatment plan is medicine, the outcome is not health! True health begins with a varied diet of fresh, whole foods; avoiding redundant vaccinations and persistent pesticides; promoting repair with natural therapies that help restore normal function. Below is the summary of 60 pages of medical records from a 4-1/2 year old spayed female German Shepherd who has never been well, despite dozens of visits to the veterinarians."

Here's the problem

"This patient never had a chance to grow up without itchy skin, vaginitis, cystitis, ear inflammation,  diarrhea, impacted anal glands, hypothyroidism, pain, a boring diet, and ultimately invasive procedures to tell us what was clinically obvious: the dog has inflammatory bowel disease. While we cannot prove the cause of every chronic disease, we can ask the right questions..."

**Where is the research that shows 4 distemper vaccinations are more effective than 2 vaccinations in puppies and kittens?

**If a dog or cat already has signs of allergies, why would more antigen (from a vaccination) be given?

**Given that inflammatory bowel disease  is associated with adverse reactions to pet food, why continue to feed the same diet?

**Can 3 vaccine products administered on the same day present an overwhelming amount of antigen (foreign protein) to the immune system?

**Are vaccines associated with the production of anti-thyroid antibodies and ultimately hypothyroidism?

**Is hypothyroidism one of the causes of "dry eye" (keratoconjunctivitis sicca)?

**Who benefits from prescription pet foods?"


Best regards,

Helen McKinnon

Administrator, CompanionAnimalCare-Naturally  Discussion Group



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