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Hi Friends,

One of the benefits about being in a good Internet Discussion Group (like mine) is finding out about various activities in which our dogs can participate.  A Member of the Group, posted the following which she gave permission to forward:

"... We'll be having an American Herding Breeds Association trial here in the foothills of North Carolina, November 2-4, 2005. Many different breeds of dog will demonstrate their skill in herding sheep and ducks through various courses.

There will be an opportunity on Wednesday to take a herding lesson with the judges and see if your dog can pass the Herding Capability Test (no previous experience required - judges handle your dog). Any dog from this list or a mixed breed that may have one or more of these breeds is eligible: (and they are not very strict with regard to the clinic - if you apply for the title you do have to have some justification, ie, the dog may be a herding or working dog mix)...."

Well, as you probably know, I have an 11 year-old Golden Retriever, Danny Boy, and a little mixed-breed dog, Anna Mae who is 6 years of age.


Danny Boy at 9 1/2 years --  November 2005

Photo courtesy of Robert W. Cauley


We adopted Anna Mae when she was 7 weeks old and once full-grown just 23 pounds.  A true athlete, she's very agile and fast!  Danny Boy (pictured above) and she are best pals.


After reading Coppinger's book, DOGS: A Startling New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior, and Evolution. I recognized "clapping" or "showing eye" in Anna Mae, especially toward squirrels who come to our birdfeeders. She has caught at least one, and aside from the squirrel, no one was more surprised than she!  After a good shaking, she let him go, and proudly returned to the sun porch after a job well done.

When Becca posted that Herding Clinic notice, I immediately thought that Anna Mae would just love to experience it.  I was right.  From the minute we exited the van, she was 'psyched'!  Afterwards, I could tell that it had made a very positive impact on her, convincing me that it was one of the highlights of her life -- thus far.

The photos follow, and I'm relieved with Becca's follow-up report that the duck Anna Mae caught is doing OK.

Dog Herding Capability Test (HCT) Clinic with sheep & ducks, sanction pending by the American Herding Breed Association (AHBA).  An event held on November 2, 2005 in Walnut Cove, North Carolina.  

Clinicians and judges: Pat Taylor / Kathy Heilenman  Stock: Wool sheep and mixed ducks

















Helen with Anna Mae & Pat Taylor

"Pat Taylor has owned/trained Bouviers since 1981 and has been a breeder since 1988.  Her current Bouvier, Fellstar's Marque O Th' Celt "Celt", has earned the titles of CGC, HSAs, HIAd, STDdsc, AHBA HTD I-s, HTD III-d, HRD II-s and is the first Bouvier to have earned the ASCA certification of Ranch Dog for his use in real life. Recent  wins for Pat are an AKC High in Trial out of Started with an ACD,  Reserve High in Trial by a Cardigan Corgi. ASCA, and AHBA and AKC titles completed on an Australian Kelpie, Australian Shepherds, Australian Cattle Dogs, a BC, Cardigan Corgi, a Belgian Sheepdog and a Bouvier to name a few.  Pat lives in Kerrville, Texas where she and her husband maintain a flock of 60 to 100 head of hair sheep and a flock of ducks and geese.  She is a member and BoD/Officer of the Texas Hill Country Stockdog Association and an AHBA judge."












Claire Apple's Sheltie:"Brick" (Golem's Mighty Mighty)-- MOVIN' !

see him as 'wee one' on her Home Page & here




Another action shot of Claire Apple's Sheltie: "Brick"





Kathy Heilenman's Border Collie, "Pepper" (Glorine Pepper), demonstrating her superb Herding ability!





















Helen, Kathy & Anna Mae after the duck clinic.

"Kathy Heilenman has been involved in stockwork with Bouviers and Border Collies for the past 10 years. Her Bouvier, Kaz, was running in ASCA Advanced sheep and ducks and Open cattle when he retired. Kathyís BC, Blu, earned her ASCA WTCH and AHBA HTCh.  Her other BCs, Pepper and Spot, are trialing in ASCA, AHBA and USBCHA Border Collie trials.  Kathy has worked with many breeds besides Bouvs and BCs including Tervs, Aussies, Beardies, GSDs Corgies, Shelties and others.  Kathy is past president of NAWBA and current president of the Iowa Herding Dog Association. She lives in eastern Iowa where she maintains a small flock of sheep and way too many ducks. Her current Bouvier, Zach, retired from herding due to his conviction that stock is for eating, and is now working in obedience and tracking."

For some more photos of Border Collies Herding.


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