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Paco & his son, Danny Boy

The following article is an excerpt from the book,

It's For The Animals! Natural Care & Resources

by Helen L. McKinnon 


Now is the time for you to relax, put your feet up or sit in a hot bath and read this wonderful book from cover to cover. Helen has written this book in the story telling style of our native elders taking us out of our mental mode and into our hearts. Helen was moved by her experiences and knowledge gained walking the healing path with her cherished animal companion "Lady" and she will share this with you.

Over the years, commercial farming practices have depleted the nutrients available to us in our foods today. Processing of foods for convenience has filled our systems with toxins and depleted our foods of vital essence called Qi (chi). This has affected the health of generations of our companion animals, as well as ourselves. We must take responsibility for the health of ourselves and our family which includes the treasured animals we have chosen as our life companions. Self education and research of nutrition and holistic principles is paramount in shifting responsibility to self. You will take one step toward this responsible healing path by reading Helen's book.

In the years of our holistic practices, we have been educating our clients on the benefits of feeding home prepared food with raw meat, cooked grains and vegetables, and proper nutritional supplements. Helen logically counters every excuse we have heard from our clients and ourselves for not feeding home prepared diets. Helen will take your hand and walk you through the steps to better health for your companion animals with diet. She does not stop in the kitchen. You will find an array of resources for holistic care for your companion animals.

Many veterinarians are in transition from allopathic (conventional) methods of diagnosis and treatment to the holistic approach. Holistic medicine is giving us a new perspective on health. We need to move away from the habit of seeking which medicine, natural or allopathic, is best to help the disease. People still seek our help to assess the problem and dispense natural supplements and medicines. We are what we eat. Health begins with a natural diet. Follow your heart, listen and observe your animals, use your kitchen as Helen will show you and you will see your companion animals transform.

Pema Mallu, DVM  and Allen M. Schoen, D.V.M., M.S.

Copyright 1995 Helen L. McKinnon All Rights Reserved

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