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The following article is an excerpt from the book,

It's For The Animals! Natural Care & Resources

by Helen L. McKinnon 


I think it's interesting to note that most animals are not healthy.

Don Hamilton, DVM, is an expert veterinary homeopath who teaches other vets, and he discusses this issue in his wonderful book, Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs: Small Doses for Small Animals.

On pages 42- 44 he says "Many conditions we considered to be normal in dogs and cats I now understand to be early signs of illness. Over time, our standards have deteriorated as the health of the population has deteriorated." He goes on to say: "I don't believe we really know what a healthy dog or cat looks like these days. We can only speculate. Virtually the entire population of domestic animals (as well as humans) has chronic illness. In animals we have come to accept many abnormal symptoms as normal." And, with his positive outlook, states "It is possible to reduce this chronic disease accumulation, however. Simply stopping vaccinations and drug use, along with proper diet, can begin to have an impact." He says that it only takes one native generation on processed food to deteriorate in health and "Three to four generations are required to completely reverse this damage with nutrition alone."

In his book Dr. Hamilton credits Samuel Hahnemann with "breaking new ground" because he stressed "Compassionate Treatment and Seeing the Patient as an Individual". To me, these two aspects of medical care, combined with the provider's competence are the most important concerning the professional medical care for my animals (and for myself).

At the 1998 AHVMA Conference (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Assoc.) Gregory Ogilve, DVM Diplomate ACVIM (Internal Medicine, Oncology), presented two interesting talks pertaining to his work on cancer. One was "Nutrition and Cancer:  Frontiers for Cure! The other was "Alternative and Complementary Medicine and the Cancer Patient: Fact or Fiction?"

He said in his first talk: "Cancer is the #1 cause of non-accidental death in animals" and is "the most curable of chronic diseases". But what is hauntingly memorable is his repeated question to the audience -- asking us what is the most important aspect to keep in mind regarding veterinary medicine. He initially answered the question succinctly: Compassionate Care.

Thereafter, when he asked several more times, the audience was instructed to respond loudly:  "COMPASSIONATE CARE!

The message came through, and let it always be remembered.


The AHVMA Journal (American Holistic Veterinary Medicine Assoc.) is available for lay people by subscription and is very worthwhile. Their Conferences Proceedings, the audio tapes of presentations, and many good books are available for purchase by contacting the AHVMA office in Maryland (Eastern Time): 410/ 569-0795 e-mail:
office at ahvma . org (omit spaces when typing address)

Dr. Hamilton's new book is about 500 pages, packed with fascinating information not available elsewhere. The Foreword is by Dr. Richard Pitcairn and the extensive section on vaccinations alone is 'a must read' for all animal lovers.

Contact info on the book:  Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs: Small Doses for Small Animals by Don Hamilton, DVM
ISBN 1-55643-295-X

The Publisher is North Atlantic Books: 510/ 559-8277 (Calif.- USA), and the book is also available directly from Dr. Hamilton: 575/ 666-2091 (New Mexico - USA).  

Copyright 1995 Helen L. McKinnon All Rights Reserved

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