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The following information is an excerpt from the book,

It's For The Animals! Natural Care & Resources

by Helen L. McKinnon 


Health, Behavior, Natural Care, & Being Our Animal's Advocate

Helpful Information pertaining to many issues animal lovers encounter. Generally, more natural options are offered, including utilizing various complementary / alternative modalities.  Topics include: 


Air Quality -- inside the house -- careful of those synthetic fragrances / devices containing "Excipients"

Allergies in Dogs & Cats (also see Reverse Sneezing)

Anal Glands dealing with / preventing anal gland problems.

Animal Communicators

Animal Rights Fanatics -- Be Informed about their various tactics

Antibiotics and PROBIOTICS -- Probiotics, the 'beneficial bacteria' are considered to be one of the most important supplements, especially if  antibiotics have been taken.

Aromatherapy / Essential Oils

Arthritis / Pain Relief / Joint Health / Hip Dysplasia -Natural Products / Treatments to try before the pharmaceutical drugs with potential for Serious Adverse Reactions. Also included are many Links with VITAL information about "Informed Consent" -- why those 'Client Information Sheets" are supposed to be given to everyone who is prescribed drugs for their animal companion. Additional information about the FDA/CVM and 'How It Works' to 'protect' our companions -- and Reporting Adverse Reactions. (Also See: Enzymes - Wobenzym on the Supplements Page )

Bathing our Companions

Behavioral / Emotional Problems (Also see: Training Tips - Aggression) w/ Hands-On Method for Calming / Resolving Trauma, Articles, Links, etc -- Also see Flower Essences for a lot more info!

Bladder Problems (Also see Kidney)

Blastomycosis / Fungal Infections (systemic)

Bloat / Torsion -- "Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus" ("GDV")-- possibly LIFE-SAVING information


Blood Testing - Animals - How to get blood testing done - and AVOID over-vaccinating by doing Titers, instead.




CATS --Feeding Info, Herbal Bladder Treatment, Hoarseness, Products to AVOID, etc (Also see "Vaccinations", "Dental / Oral Health" "Feeding Our Companions" & other Folders AND the FILES Section) -- Helpful Information, Messages, Web Sites, Articles - pertaining to our Feline Companions


CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease) / TSE --" an infectious rapidly progressive fatal brain-deteriorating disease. It is a member of the class of diseases called Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSEs). Another TSE is Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (i.e. Mad Cow Disease)."


Cancer - (Also see: FILES Section: "Cancer")--Web Sites, Messages with helpful Info


Chiropractic / VOM


Collars / Harnesses --for Dogs & Cats - all sorts of helpful information, Links, NEWS, etc


Colloidal Silver (CS) / Colloidal Gold (CG)


Cryptorchidism in dogs & cats (retained testicle):


Cushings Disease / Syndrome


Deaf Dogs -- In some cases, Deafness was REVERSED with Folic Acid supplementation


Dental / Oral Health - Mouth -- Teeth - Periodontal (Gums) Issues -- Cleaning - Supplements, etc.

Helpful Information, importance of good hygiene & nutrients in diet such as B Vitamins - signs of deficiency (such as sores at the sides of mouth)


Dew Claw Removal (Onchectomy)


Diarrhea -- (Also See: "IBD")


Digestive Enzymes -- can help to relieve flatulence (gas), improve digestion, absorption of nutrients, etc. Why these are important to add to the food - at dinnertime.


Dishes Used for Feeding Our Companions -- Cookware, too -- some are MUCH better than others!


Dog Bites - Info / Prevention -- from an expert


Dog Show Crud / "DSC" / 'Bird Flu' --Helpful info! " ... a bacterial imbalance in the digestive tract. ..."


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) - Complementary / Alternative Healing Modality - easy to do for yourself and your companion -- very effective! Includes posts with instructions from Susan Grey's unique version of EFT


Ear Problems / Remedies - LEAST Toxic methods / products & CAUTION !




Epilepsy / Seizure Information


Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) [Omega Oils REQUIRED in diet]


Essential Oils (EO) -- Please See the Folder: "Aromatherapy" -- Essential Oils (EO) Not to be confused with "Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) - which are required to be added to the diet. EO's are used for the healing modality, Aromatherapy


Eyes - "Dry Eye", Corneal Ulcer, Eyelid Growths, Episcleritis, Problems, etc., (Also See "Colloidal Silver" Folder)


Fatty Tumors (Lipomas) - Natural Method for shrinking - Messages, Articles, Web Sites, Methods of Juliette de Bairacli Levy, Hulda Clark, Don Croft, & others -- FASCINATING INFO!


Fear of Loud Noises - "Thunderstorm Phobia" - Anxiety


Feeding Our Companions (Also see: "CATS", "Supplements", "Treats", "Herbs" & "Nutrition Info") -Raw/ BARF/ Home-made / Cooked / Whole Prey -- Calcium/Phosphorous Ratio, etc. --SEARCHES for nutrients in particular foods, Helpful Information, Messages, Web Sites, Articles. ALSO SEE  "Enticing a sick pup to EAT ", Why Microwaves are NOT recommended, and other helpful Info. -- Dr. Pitcairn: Feeding Orphaned Puppies, High Energy Recipe for Dogs, Dog Growth Diet "B", Healthy Powder, Juliette de Bairacli Levy , ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)


Financial Assistance with Vet Bills


Fleas -- LEAST Toxic methods of dealing with them / products.


Flower Essences  - Including: "Rescue Remedy", Five Flower Formula, "ETS", etc.




Gastritis in Dogs


"Health Secrets That Can Save Your Life" [and your Companion's]


Heart Health


Heartworm  -- CAUTION re: Products such as ProHeart!


Herbs (Also see: Supplements)


Herxheimer Reaction


Homeopathy - a Complementary/Alternative Healing Modality


Household Cleaners (Also see: Natural Care Tips) - Less Toxic Methods - Helpful Info


Hydrotherapy (Water Therapy) -- Controlled Swimming Exercise Helped Prevent Surgery in one case.




IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) - Also see Feeding Our Companions, Supplements, Diarrhea, & Digestive Enzymes


Iatrogenic diseases -problems caused by veterinarians / doctors


Immune System Enhancers --(Also see: CATS, Supplements, Herbs, & Nutrition Info)


Incontinence -Urinary / Bowel


Interdigital [between the toes] Furuncles (incorrectly called cysts)


Kennel Cough


Kidney Disease / Failure -- New Early Detection Tes t(s) -- UPC (Urine Protein/Creatinine ratio)




Liver Health & Problems (Also See Dr. Dodds' Liver Cleansing Diet)


Loss of A Loved One


Lost / Missing Dogs


Luxating Patella (slipping knee cap)




Mange (Also see: Skin Problems)


Medications --Includes PAIN MEDS -- Helpful Information.




Mosquito Control / Repellants


Natural Care TIPS / Misc. -Options for helpful natural remedies - Calming Dogs, Preventing Car Sickness, removing Pine Pitch from hair, Trimming Nails, Adding Supplements, etc.


Neuter / Spay -- Surgery


Normal Values For Body Temperature, etc


Oils in Food -Canola - NOT recommended


Pain Management / Control in Dogs




Parasites: Hookworms, Roundworms, Giardia


Pesticides / Herbicides DANGERS - including Lawn Chemicals - BE INFORMED!


Poison Information -What Foods to AVOID, What to do...


Pregnancy (In Whelp), preparing for, Whelping, Lactation --Very Helpful Information, re: Important Nutrients to Supply, what to Avoid.


Probiotics-- considered to be one of the MOST IMPORTANT supplement -- ESPECIALLY when taking Antibiotics. Lots of helpful information.


Prolotherapy --"Prolo Therapy is also known as Proliferant Therapy, or Reconstructive Injection Therapy. This is considered to be a non invasive therapy to attempt to reconstruct/repair damaged connective tissues. This process involves injecting an irritant solution into areas of the tissues that have been damaged through strain or injury. They claim a high rate of success using prolo therapy vs. conventional surgical techniques."


Rabies Information *Also See:"Vaccination" Folder in LInks and Files Sections

Vaccination, Titer Tests, Interesting Articles, & More / Also see the Folder "Vaccination Information" below.


Reiki -- Healing


Reproductive issues (Also see Pregnancy) -- Pyometra, Spaying, etc. Important Information - Critical Health Issue


Reverse Sneezing (Also see Allergies in Dogs & Cats)


Skin Problems (Also see Mange & Supplements)


Skunks -- & Skunk Odor Problems


Snake Deterrents


Special Needs - Pets with Special Needs


Stings - Bees - Wasps --Helpful Info for repelling Bees, treatments, etc.


Supplements (Also see Feeding Our Companions, Antibiotics & PROBIOTICS, Herbs, EFAs) Helpful Information about various Supplements, including Systemic Enzymes such as Wobenzym


Surgery -- Preparing For - & - Afterwards -- Anesthesia Info


Syncope (Fainting)


Thyroid Info


Ticks & Tick-Borne Diseases Info --Including LYME -- Info on joining Tick-L Internet Discussion Group & MANY Links


Toenails - bleeding / problems


Training Tips / Aggression - Behavior Problems "Fear Biting, "Thyroid Testing, Aggression, & Suzanne Clothier's Book on training dogs" , "Dog Bites - Info / Prevention", "Other Possible Causes for "Aggression" --""Liver Disease: "Canine Portal Caval Shunt" By Vicki Cooper", Positive Training -- Pat Miller's Discussion List


Treats --CAUTION - with 'Greenies'! Read Deronda Elstrod 's sad story about little Nickey.


Vaccination Information (Also see Rabies), Vaccination Release Form, Titer Testing, Make 'Informed Decisions'


Valley Fever --peoples' experiences and suggestions for what has worked for them.


Veterinarians / Veterinary Conference Proceedings (GREAT info) -- Recommendations / locating some, also, some Directories of various Vet's Oganizations, Proceedings of Veterinary Conferences, etc.


Weight problems -- too much - too little


Canine Cancer Research -- osteosarcoma study for many breeds -- to help dogs and humans;


Courses You Can Take to Become a Dog Trainer

In addition to the course on how to become a dog trainer there are also many telecourses offered that are of interest to those that work with dogs


Rescue Remedy

See "Flower Essences"


Safer Vaccinations for our Pets petition

TO ALL ANIMAL LOVERS: PLEASE HELP! Together we can make a difference!!! Want to help make pet vaccinations safer??? Please sign the "Safer Vaccinations for Companion Animals Petition" You can read and sign the petition at:

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