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"Internet Peaks as America's Most Important Source of Information" 

However, "the credibility of information found on the Internet has declined for the first time since the report started three years ago".  Please read the entire (short) article at Dr. Mercola's Site.

We all have limited time for 'Becoming Informed'.  So, that time is valuable and who wants to waste it reading information which is inaccurate, or covertly biased so that we could be unknowingly caught in an 'infomercial' of sorts?


Speaking of SAVING TIME -- CLICK HERE -- for some helpful information and FREE items to seriously consider adding to your computer.


Good Discussion Groups / Lists:

Just as the people who are members of the List, none is perfect.  For determining if it is worth my time and energy, I look for shared pleasantries, friendly remarks, consideration for people's feelings, willingness to allow for differing perspectives, and references to substantiate certain assertions.  There can be a wonderful and quick exchange of vital information through these Lists.  It is in everyone's interests that the information be accurate in order to maintain credibility.  Furthermore, it is far more appealing to know that the List Owner/Moderators aren't using the List as a way to sell their services or products.


Helen and Friends have an Internet Discussion Group:

Would you like to learn more and share your knowledge with others about caring 'more naturally' for your companion animals?

Consider joining Helen's Internet Discussion Group, Yahoo provides this service free of charge. The Management Team of this Group does NOT sell supplements and is not financially affiliated with any supplement company.




Our Mottos are:

"Make Informed Decisions"


“There is Usually More Than One Way

of Doing Something Right.”


Discussion is on all aspects of caring for our companion animals, and the focus is on health, including:

Feeding (raw/BARF, home-made cooked food) Supplements, Grooming, Exercise, Training, etc.

Complementary Alternative Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) as well as Conventional Vet Med -- AKA Integrative Veterinary Medicine.

Holistic Healing Modalities:

Acupuncture, Acupressure, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Massage, Traditional Herbal Medicine (THM), Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Reiki, Ayurvedic, Kinesiology, etc.

Nutrition is said to be the 'Foundation of Health', and is the most popular topic. Some dogs & cats are unable to tolerate a raw food diet, and this is a good forum to discuss home-made food. We are *all* learning - even the experts, the scientists and researchers who advise everyone about the BEST diets for staying healthy.

Here's something to think about:

"Because nutritional biochemistry is constantly evolving, some have questioned whether a manufactured diet can ever contain 'complete' nutrition. One example can be found in the fatal consequences of dietary taurine deficiency that occurred in cats being fed, interestingly, a high-quality premium diet (Pion and others, 1987). ... scientists cannot know everything necessary about animal nutritional requirements."
 ------ excerpt from: Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine, Principles and Practice, edited by Allen M. Schoen, DVM, MS, and Susan G. Wynn, DVM

"If a diet is unnatural, disease will keep company with those subjected to it."
                                                                --- Juliette de Bairacli Levy, Author of The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat, first published in 1955

On occasion, we have a professional in Complementary / Alternative fields as our Special Guest -- answering Members' questions. We invite you to join us, our Veterinarians & other Special Guests!!

Click here to join CompanionAnimalCare-Naturally
Click to join CompanionAnimalCare-Naturally


Thinking of joining an Internet Discussion Groups to learn about more natural ways to care for your companions?  Well, just keep in mind my philosophy: "People are like plants: some are wonderful with beautiful flowers to appreciate, and some are like poison ivy -- toxic weeds to avoid."

A strong suggestion: always do your own follow-up on any treatment or feeding program.  Google searches  can help you with this.  Have some of the basic books on hand to verify information that you read about in others' opinions and posts -- even with references included -- it may NOT be accurate.   Be sure to read the the source -- what that author actually wrote which was cited in those references posted and then make your decision.

Something that you should be aware of is that you're very likely "on moderation" by the Moderators or Owner of the group. "On moderation" means that your posts must be approved prior to them appearing in the group messages. You can easily verify whether or not you're being moderated by going to the group messages on-line, here's how:


1)  Go online to the Group's Messages

2)  Click on your message.

3) Click on "view source" at the top, just above the message number. 

4) Scroll down to the text just before your actual message, you'll see which Moderator actually approved of your message.

Sometimes, your message is edited, which is a method of control that effectively censors information from the Group Members. 


NOTE: You CAN also DELETE your OWN posts -should you ever want to do so.  Follow the instructions above, and click on "Delete".




Interesting Newsletters:

eHealthy News You Can Use

This is a free newsletter packed with helpful human information.

"The intent of this weekly newsletter is to provide practical insights on how you can achieve optimal wellness. Articles relating to natural medicine from the top peer-reviewed medical journals and top clinicians are presented with Dr. Mercola's natural medicine commentary. Dr. Mercola is a monthly columnist in one of the most well respected alternative medicine periodicals, The Townsend Letter. You can click through to his web site to review his past newsletters and also go to his links pages for links to outstanding resources in natural medicine."  

The World's Most Popular Natural Health Newsletter -- FREE!

Over 300,000 people, including 25,000 health care professionals, receive the FREE Mercola e-newsletter loaded with health and wellness information you can really use, and 6 million pages are viewed monthly to help answer health questions.

It is important to note that, unlike many other e-newsletters, subscribing to the e-newsletter will NOT result in you receiving any Spam. We have put measures in place to ensure this, and so we can guarantee it!

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Health Sciences Institute

"Bringing you today's most urgent advances in modern underground medicine.

From anti-aging and allergies to cancer and heart disease, HSI breaks the barriers that big-money medicine has placed before revolutionary natural cures-and brings those cures to its members right now. Health Sciences Institute does all this through the monthly HSI Members Alert newsletter, the daily e-Alert, collection of special reports and programs, and meetings and symposia."




With Sheri Nakken, RN, MA of Vaccination Information & Choice Network of Nevada City, CA & UK . She provides a much-needed service by informing us of very interesting factual information which is important for everyone concerned about vaccinations. I especially like her quote from Mr. Burke.

"This list is strictly for posting the latest vaccine information. The owner of this list or moderator will post 10-15 e-mails a day. The posts will consist of medical journal articles, newspaper articles and other sources of vaccine info from both sides of the vaccine debate. You can sign onto this list and received individual emails, digest or read on the webpage only. Once you are approved for membership you can go into your preferences area and change how you access the list."   "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil  is that good men (& women) do nothing"  ----Edmund Burke


Vaccination News

Your Source for ARCHIVED and BREAKING NEWS - Reporting ALL SIDES Of The Vaccination Controversy!!  

SIGN UP FOR WEEKLY Vaccination NewsLetter

"Vaccination News is published in order to provide a wide range of news and views on vaccinations and vaccination policy. By providing all sides of the vaccination controversy, it is believed the public/consumer will be best equipped to make reasoned decisions regarding vaccination use, decisions which will have profound implications for them and their family’s health. By providing all sides of the vaccination controversy, it is also believed that readers will recognize both the complexity of the controversy and the dearth of good information available to them."



Environmental Research Foundation, P.O. Box 160, New Brunswick, N.J. 08903, Fax (732) 791-4603; E-mail: erf at  rachel . org (omit spaces when typing in address)

This very informative free newsletter is well worth the time to read.  Received on roughly a monthly basis, it provides an extraordinary amount of excellent information to keep informed and cites the scientific references for further research.

For your free subscription to the Rachel newsletter, send an email with the words SUB RACHEL-NEWS - YOUR FULL NAME in a message (not in the subject line) to




 A free weekly newsletter supported by some pet-related advertising, packed with all sorts of stories, poems, and tips that's just the right size -- takes just a couple of minutes to read and then savor the rest of the day.  To join, send an email to:


The Kim Komando Show Electronic Newsletter 

This is a free service of the Kim Komando Computer Radio Show, rated in the Top 10 Most Listened to Programs in the country.  It's a great source for helpful computer information.  This is a "must" to keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest happenings.  Her tips are invaluable!  To subscribe to this free newsletter, Cool Site of the Day, or Tip of the Day, click here for her online form.


 The Hopkins Health Watch

A Free e-mail newsletter from Virginia Hopkins to keep you up-to-date on what's happening with hormone replacement research, nutrition in the news, and much more!


EFT Support Newsletter with Gary Craig   gary at emofree . com (omit spaces when typing in address)

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, an alternative healing modality.

Quote from a recent newsletter


"Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.  Imagination encircles the world." 

------Albert Einstein



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