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The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy

Current AVH Referral List

" ... the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy. Enclosed is a list of members that may be available for consultation, and a brochure on our organization. Due to the high demand for names of veterinarians with an interest and advanced training in the field of homeopathy we have compiled a list of our members that are available for consultation."

PO Box 9280
Wilmington, Delaware 19809
866-652-1590 - Voice & Fax (US and Canada)


For Dr. Pitcairn's Referral List -- to find a Homeopathic Veterinarian:

"Our own referral list from Animal Natural Health Center is of our most active students. Those listed have been selected by Dr. Pitcairn. All have been trained by him in our year long Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy, a classically-based, tested approach to homeopathy. In addition, some of the veterinarians on our list have either attended our 78-hour Advanced Course and/or have achieved AVH certification (which involves coursework, case approval and examination and requires adherence to a classical approach to homeopathy). A number of veterinarians on our list also consult regularly with Dr. Pitcairn in a supervisory capacity. Many, but not all, are members of the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy (see below). Many will consult with clients by phone, usually in coordination with your local veterinarian for backup. However, you may very well find that someone on the list is in driving distance, which is usually your best choice. To see the ANHC list, click here: Animal Natural Health Center Referrals."



Complementary & Alternative Veterinary Medicine

There are several directories with listings by state of veterinarians who specialize in various healing modalities.  As with any organization, some professionals are better than others.  It's always good to get a recommendation from satisfied clients.  Trust your feelings and if in doubt, get a second opinion.



The American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture

"The American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture (AAVA) is a not-for-profit organization, formed in 1998 in response to the re-structuring of the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS). In 1974 a group of forward-thinking veterinarians founded IVAS. Over the years IVAS has grown to become a truly international organization, and the AAVA was formed to meet the specific needs of American veterinary acupuncturists. The AAVA is an affiliate organization, and is fully recognized by IVAS."

66 Morris Avenue, Suite 2A, Springfield, NJ 07081
Phone: 973/ 379-1100   e-mail: office @ aava . org  (omit spaces when e-mailing)



"The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association is an organization whose purpose is to function as a forum for the exploration of alternative and complementary areas of health care in veterinary medicine. "

Click here for:   A nationwide referral list of members of the AHVMA   Contact information:
Dr. Carvel G. Tiekert, Executive Director, 2218 Old Emmorton Road ~ Bel Air, MD 21015
410/ 569-0795 ~ fax 410/ 569-2346  e-mail: office at ahvma . org (omit spaces when typing address)

Whenever dealing with health issues concerning our animal companions, I feel it would be wise to consult with a good holistic vet near you and /or  Pema Mallu, DVM  in AZ for a telephone consultation.  She is a knowledgeable and compassionate holistic veterinarian who specializes in difficult cases, and also an ordained Buddhist Nun.  To contact Dr. Pema at Holistic Veterinary Care (Sedona, AZ): e-mail: drpema at direcway , com (omit spaces when typing in address) Phone: 928/ 282-2323 or Dr. Pema's Voice Mail: 928/ 282-5651

If you would like to recommend your holistic vet, please share your experience and e-mail: Admin at ItsForTheAnimals . com (omit spaces when typing in address)



American Veterinary Chiropractic Association

"The American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA) was formed in 1989 by a group of veterinarians and chiropractors interested in furthering the profession of animal chiropractic.  Dr. Sharon Willoughby, a DVM and DC, is the founder and was elected as the first president.

Today, the AVCA has a three-fold mission: to function as a professional membership group, to promote animal chiropractic to professionals and the public, and to act as the certifying agency for doctors who have undergone animal chiropractic training.  One of the major goals of the AVCA is to provide the public with unhampered access to ethical doctors trained in animal chiropractic."


Search for an AVCA Certified Doctor

American Veterinary Chiropractic Association

442154 E 140 Rd, Bluejacket, Oklahoma 74333 USA

918-784-2231 Phone  918/ 784-2675 E-mail:  amvetchiro @ aol . com

(omit spaces when typing in address)



"At the request of several users, we have translated the 3-fold brochure, published in Acrobat (pdf) format ... As in the printed version, please do not modify the contents if you make a copy; but feel free to give links/printouts to anyone."

Please Note:  This article is a download document in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer,  you may get it free by clicking here:


Animal Protection Institute

   Companion Animals

"As a part of our family, our cats and dogs and a variety of other companions deserve the best possible care we can provide to ensure that they live long, healthy, happy lives.

What you feed your companion animal may have a major impact on your companion animal's health. Do you really know what is in the can or bag of food you feed your "best friend"? API has an active campaign and an official report dedicated to companion animal (pet) food and nutrition."  

"What's Really in Pet Food", An API Report


Visit this Site for the sake of your beloved companions, you'll be glad you did!



Dr. Pitcairn's site "...many well-qualified veterinarians around the country who practice homeopathy. Many of these are also knowledgeable in nutrition and chiropractic – modalities that work well with homeopathy...

There are two referral lists that you can use. The first is our own list of homeopathic veterinarians, all of whom have been trained through the educational programs of the Animal Natural Health Center Animal Natural Health Center Referrals.

...The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy members of the organization indicate that they want to be listed as a referral and any interested veterinarian may join. While most AVH members have taken the yearlong Professional Course training with Dr. Pitcairn, a few have not. To access this list, click here: Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy Referrals."



  The following site is the most comprehensive and beautiful place to find sources of comfort when we are coming to terms with the sadness over our beloved companions passing on.  Many thanks to Teresa Wagner for providing it this extensive and much-needed information. 

"To bring comfort and healing to humans grieving the loss of their animal loved ones; to honor the death of animals and the grief it brings as a significant and sacred process."  

Not to hurt our humble brethren  
is our first duty to them,
but to stop there is not enough.

We have a higher mission -
to be of service to them
wherever they require it.

St. Francis of Assisi, 1181-1226



 Area codes

 -- "All Area Codes is your resource for looking up information about area codes and phone numbers in the white pages."



 -- Art -- FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY  by Robert Cauley (Helen's husband)

A great selection of original photos - with  spectacular nature shots, including awesome mountain range views from the Blue Ridge Parkway, beautiful waterfalls,  in Western North Carolina -- and more! 



(Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina, October, 2005)

Photo courtesy of Robert W. Cauley



Many years ago I'd read of an informal study conducted

indicating that 'water scenes' promote healing --

hospitalized patients who had any type of 'water scene'

hanging on the wall got better faster than those who had any other 'scene'.



"Looking Glass Falls is one of the most photographed and

often visited waterfalls in the Pisgah National Forest --

the mountains of Western North Carolina.  It is about 60 feet high." 

October 2005

Photo courtesy of Helen's husband: Robert W. Cauley





Agricultural Research Service - ARS

     Dr. Duke's
Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases

Specific Queries of the Phytochemical Database Plant Searches for Chemicals in a particular plant.



AVJ Natural Cat  

"We listen, learn, read, study, ask questions, and share information about cats. We take responsibility for our companions and provide them with the best possible care. We are concerned about "chemical overload," particularly in pet products and foods. We take a more holistic approach to cat care, and stress good nutrition and a more natural way of life. Hence our name ... AVJ Natural Cat."





"Our goal is to provide information on canine epilepsy and other diseases that cause seizures in dogs including canine hypothyroidism... Information, treatments and solutions for veterinarians and owners of dogs with canine epilepsy."  Please see the "Vaccinations, Nutrition and Environmental Issues".




"...The God of the whole gave a living soul
To furred and to feathered thing.
And I am my brother's keeper.
And I will fight his fight;
And speak for the beast and bird
Till the world shall set things right."

-- Ella Wheeler Wilcox




Tao Te Ching  Welcome to the Daily-Tao
by LAO TSU   Translation by Gia Fu Feng and Jane English
"You can read any of the eighty-one teachings or generate a random teaching."

"I hope that this web site can be used as a learning tool to educate people about this inspirational work.   Thank you for stopping by. "




   Nutritional Medicine  for Cats and Dogs

 Konrad Kruesi, DVM 

North Clarendon, Vermont 05759-9650    Telephone 802/ 747-4076      

"Get results!  Click on any of the 14 case studies below to see real patient outcomes with nutritional medicine"

"Case Reports:  Natural therapies for allergies in dogs, natural treatment of dog inflammatory bowel disease, dog arthritis remedies, lymphoma treatment for dogs, holistic cancer treatment for dogs, Cushings disease in dogs, dog with disc disease, dog colitis, natural ear medication for dogs, cat kidney disease, gingivitis in cats , cat seizures, hair analysis, Heartworm disease, dog ear infections, chronic renal failure in dogs, cat inflammatory bowel disease, oral papillomas in dogs, vaccine effects on health, Veterinary nutritional medicine seminar, cat food allergies, cancer diet for dogs, Natural Pet Care newsletter, kennel cough"








Food not Fit for a Pet by Dr. Wendell O. Belfield DVM

A Story Ignored for Six Years

  "The rendering plant floor is piled high with "raw product." Thousands of dead dogs and cats; heads and hooves from cattle, sheep, pigs and horses; whole skunks; rats and raccoons -- all waiting to be processed. In the 90-degree heat, the piles of dead animals seem to have a life of their own as millions of maggots swarm over the carcasses.... "  Excerpted from "The Dark Side of Recycling" from the fall 1990 issue of Earth Island Journal.

A Look Inside a Rendering Plant  by GS   "Rendering has been called "the silent industry." Each year in the US, 286 rendering plants quietly dispose of more than 12.5 million tons of dead animals, fat and meat wastes. As the public relations watchdog newsletter PR Watch observes, renderers "are thankful that most people remain blissfully unaware of their existence."





" is the U.S. Government web site that makes it easier for you to participate in Federal rulemaking - an essential part of the American democratic process."


"On this site, you can find, review, and submit comments on Federal documents that are open for comment and published in the Federal Register, the Government’s legal newspaper.

As a member of the public, you can submit comments about these regulations, and have the Government take your views into account .

To find Federal Register documents currently open for comment, please use the GO buttons on the top of every page.

Then, you may use the “Submit a Comment on this Regulation” link to express your opinion on a specific document. Alternatively, you may submit a comment directly to the agency through the PDF or HTML version."








P.O. Box 459, Nevada City, CA  95959
800-736-9222 (US & Canada)
tel: 530-265-9163    fax: 530-265-0584

Published the wonderful reference book: Flower Essence Repertory by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz, "... an indispensable guide for professional practices and home health care."





"Dedicated to promoting healthy relationships & humane training through a holistic approach to the dog - body, mind & soul"

Suzanne Clothier's Web Site.  She is the author of a wonderful book, "BONES WOULD RAIN FROM THE SKY: Deepening Our Relationships With Dogs"

 Flying Dog Press, PO Box 105 St. Johnsville, NY 13452    1-800-7-FLY-DOG







Claudia Presto tells her story about how she learned about the needless tragedy / exploitation of the wonderful Greyhounds, and what she felt impassioned to do about it!





Here is a very helpful Site with great photos to explain how to do this life-saving procedure on your dog.


Emergency Management: Choking: The Heimlich Maneuver    

 by Diana Scorpio DVM and Mico Nelson 

"Dogs in general are notorious for swallowing just about anything that will fit in their mouths. Some items may become lodged in the throat, blocking the airway, which may cause the animal to suffocate. In most cases, a dog will cope with choking by reflexively throwing up. Usually, this is sufficient to clear the airway."

"Many dogs will gag or choke or rawhide bone that they have managed to chew off a piece from. These can usually be pulled from the back of the mouth when you see them gagging."









Non-Profit Animal Blood Bank - Plus ...

   Forms available to print out    

for Laboratory blood tests on basic tests and  full-panel thyroid tests. Also, tests for the vaccine antibody titers for parvo, distemper, and rabies are available.  Other tests such as Lyme are also available.  Just add on a heartworm test for a nominal cost.  So, your companion animal can simply be tested instead of just giving unnecessary, and some say harmful vaccinations. The fees for the blood analysis are very reasonable and results are promptly reported.  Plus, you'll be contributing to the data that Dr. Dodds is collecting for her studies.

Click on the logo for more information.


Hummingbird Farm

A Center for Interspecies Communication

 "Open your heart to every living thing. We are all connected to each other, a part of each other. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and just feel it. You will know this is true. Isn't it wonderful?"  ---  Tuli Bear




 This is a MUST - SEE Web Site!



"The International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in the practice of veterinary acupuncture as an integral part of the total veterinary health care delivery system. The Society endeavors to establish uniformly high standards of veterinary acupuncture through its educational programs and accreditation examination. IVAS seeks to integrate veterinary acupuncture and the practice of western veterinary science, while also noting that the science of veterinary acupuncture does not overlook allied health systems, such as homeopathy, herbology, nutrition, chiropractic, kinesiology, etc."

"It does not matter whether medicine is old or new, so long as it brings about a cure. It matters not whether theories be eastern or western, so long as they prove to be True."

-------- Jen Hsou Lin, DVM, PhD


P.O. Box 271395,  Ft. Collins, CO  USA  80527-1395 
        Phone: 970/  266-0666  
 e-mail: office @ ivas . org (omit spaces when addressing)



Juliette of the Herbs Video

This very well-done film documents the the fascinating life and remarkable work of Juliette de Baďracli Levy, world renowned herbalist, author, breeder of Afghan hounds, friend of the Gypsies, and traveler in search of herbal wisdom for more than 60 years. Juliette intended to be an English veterinarian, but withdrew because she wanted to utilize natural healing modalities.  She is the pioneer of Holistic Veterinary Medicine and an inspiration to all. Many have read Juliette's classic book, "The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat", first published in 1955. She's in her 'autumn years' now. By her extraordinary example, she reminds us to love and respect the plants and the animals. This 75 minute color video lifted my heart and made me grateful for all that Juliette has done to help the animals (and their humans). Thanks to Tish Streeten, who spent seven years on the project and all those who made this excellent documentary video possible.  It's received many awards, and was featured in the PBS specials.  Click on the photo of the video or Juliette of the Herbs, for additional information. 



International Authority on Natural Progesterone
"John R. Lee, M.D. was an international authority and pioneer in the use of natural progesterone cream and natural hormone balance. He was a sought-after speaker, as well as a best-selling author and the editor-in-chief of a widely read newsletter. His website offers a wide range of information about natural hormones and hormone balance for women and men, resources for finding out more, as well as a variety of books, audio and video tapes and other useful products."


Responsible Animal Owners of Maine

"This site is to help educate the animal owners in Maine to what is happening at the state level pertaining to animal welfare laws."

Check Back often for updates on pending laws and how you can help fight to keep our rights to own, breed, and use animals.




This Web Site features Helen's husband's wonderful collection of Inspirational Photography. 





Pat McKenna

Psychic Medium / Medicine Woman

Many years ago, I was fortunate to have taken some of Pat's classes and afterwards, had a 'reading' with her where I was taken on a fascinating journey -- back into lifetimes before, and to situations that were ahead -- giving me greater insight and understanding about my life.  After nearly 30 years, Pat's words often echo in my heart and mind -- bringing me comfort.  Thanks, Pat!

Pat lives on Cape Cod, MA  Click on her amazing logo above to read her life experiences, her phone number is: 508/ 888-2691



This site has an enormous amount of helpful information which could prove very useful if one's companion should be missing, or even kidnapped/stolen.  Following the suggestions for immediate actions to take can make all the difference, and the many experiences of animals finding their way to their humans are very encouraging.



"One of the most important things you can do while your pet is missing is keep your spirits up and your faith going.  Don't give up hope, ever.  There have been many, many pets that were found long after it began to seem impossible that they would be recovered.  Yours could be another one.  This page is a collection of links to stories of recoveries of pets that were missing, sometimes stolen.  I hope it helps give you the hope that your missing pet needs for you to have to keep up the search until you are reunited".


(End of Links in alphabetical order A-M)


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Other than that, Helen does not receive any ‘referral fees’, or payment for products or services. All of the listings in this Web Page are her personal favorites.  If you know of other great products/services that may benefit us or our beloved companions, please share your experience and e-mail: Admin  ItsForTheAnimals . com (use the @ symbol & omit spaces when typing address).


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