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Reprinted with permission from Matthias Rath, MD, author of Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks, But People Do to order: 800/624-2442 ($12.95 plus $4 S/H)

We, the People of the World, Declare the 21st Century

"The Century of Eradicating Heart Disease"

ONLY ONCE IN THE COURSE OF HUMAN EVENTS comes the time when heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular conditions can be eradicated. This time is now. Just as the discovery that microorganisms are the cause of infectious diseases led to the control of infectious epidemics, so will the discovery that heart attacks and strokes are the result of long-term vitamin deficiencies lead to the control of the cardiovascular epidemic. Mankind can eradicate heart disease as a major cause of death and disability during the 21st century.

ANIMALS DON'T GET HEART ATTACKS because they produce vitamin C in their bodies which protects their blood vessel walls. In humans, unable to produce vitamin C, dietary vitamin deficiency weakens these walls. Cardiovascular disease is an early form of scurvy. Clinical studies document that optimum daily intake of vitamins and other essential nutrients halts and reverses coronary heart disease naturally. These essential nutrients supply vital bioenergy to millions of heart and blood vessel cells, thereby optimizing cardiovascular functions. Optimum supply of vitamins and other essential nutrients can prevent and help correct cardiovascular conditions naturally. Heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure conditions, irregular heart beat, heart failure, circulatory problems in diabetes, and other cardiovascular problems will be essentially unknown in future generations.

ERADICATING HEART DISEASE is the next great goal uniting all mankind. The availability of vitamins and other essential nutrients needed to control the global cardiovascular epidemic is unlimited. The eradication of heart disease is dependent on one single factor: How fast can we spread the message that vitamins and other essential nutrients are the solution to the cardiovascular epidemic. The main hurdles we have to overcome are the interests of pharmaceutical companies and other special interest groups which are trying to block the spreading of this life-saving information in order to protect a global prescription drug market. But the health interests of millions of people are more important than the stock price of any drug company. We, the people of the world, recognize that we have to protect our health interest and that the eradication of heart disease is dependent upon our joint efforts.

WE, PEOPLE OF ALL NATIONS, RACE AND RELIGION; local, regional and national governments and other public and private organizations; health insurers, health maintenance organizations, hospitals, medical offices and other health care providers; churches, schools, businesses and other community groups, recognize our historic opportunity and responsibility to act now - for our generation and for all generations to come.



Each year the pharmaceutical companies make one trillion dollars solely from world-wide sales of cardiovascular drugs. The natural control of the cardiovascular epidemic will lead to a collapse of this market and threatens the existence of this industry. In their struggle for survival the pharmaceutical industry has formed a Cartel aiming to block the world-wide spread of this life-saving information. This Cartel secretly met in Bonn, Germany, in October 1996 under the name 'Codex Alimentarius' Commission. With the support of the German Government and the United Nations' World Trade Organization, this 'Codex' Commission recommended:

  1. to ban world-wide all information about the preventive and therapeutic health benefits in connection with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other essential nutrients,

  2. to outlaw fee access to essential nutrients which exceed the arbitrarily low dosage recommendations of the Pharma-Cartel,

  3. to finalize these 'recommendations' at the next 'Codex' meeting in autumn 1998 and make them binding for all member countries of the United Nations,

  4. to impose international trade sanctions upon nations which are not willing to implement these 'recommendations' into national laws.

In this situation millions of people world-wide have to protect their own health and lives against the interests of the Pharma-Cartel. World-wide free access to vitamins will be the first victory on our way towards the eradication of heart disease. We request from our own government and from the governments of all other countries to:

With my signature I support the "Century of Eradicating Heart Disease"

Declaration and the "Free Access to Vitamins Petition

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We encourage you to sign the Declaration "Century of Eradicating Heart Disease" and the Petition "Free Access to Vitamins". Talk about this important matter with your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and ask for their signature and support. Discuss this declaration and Petition at your workplace, school, church and introduce it to your health care provider, insurance company and to other organizations you are affiliated with; urge their support for these world-wide initiatives. Please send your signed support back to: Matthias Rath, MD, President, Health Now, 387 Ivy Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA or fax it to us at 650/ 851-9821. Health Now, will regularly publish the growing support for this world-wide initiative. We encourage you to circulate copies of these appeals.

Copyright 1995 Helen L. McKinnon All Rights Reserved

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