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just a sampling of my many favorites, with more to be added...


 Sherman at two months

Robert W. Cauley - Photography




This Book is truly a "MUST READ"


"Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life covers some of the hottest topics in health and nutrition: heavy metal toxicity, the food additive controversy, fluoride poisoning, how to protect your brain from the ravages of disease and aging, and protecting yourself and your loved ones from a biohazard attack.
This enormous book also presents the latest information on strokes and heart attacks, diabetes, protecting the digestive system, and the best ways to keep the immune system young and powerful."


Dr. Russell Blaylock is editor of The Blaylock Wellness Report, published by - I Subscribe to the Blaylock Wellness Report and highly recommend it!



Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered  by Machaelle Small Wright

"Autobiographical. Behaving covers Machaelle's background and early years that led to the development of co-creative science. ... Early experiences and work with nature... Reality as energy ... energy as form ... form as nature ... The roles of the animal and mineral kingdoms"

 "It is quite an eye-opening experience to read something you wrote sixteen years ago and to compare it with what you know about the subject today. When I first wrote Behaving in 1981, I poured my heart and soul into the project. When I finished writing, I couldn't imagine anything else I would have to say about the things in this book. Well . . . I am pleased to report that we really do continue to learn and grow. What a difference sixteen years can make! This revised and updated edition of Behaving (published in 1997) is a celebration of our continuing education and growth."




Deepening Our Relationships With Dogs

"Suzanne Clothier draws on a lifetime of experience with animals to bring us astonishing new lessons about our dogs-and ourselves. BONES WOULD RAIN FROM THE SKY is not a training manual. It is a book about our relationship with dogs and a guide to help us make this unique bond more meaningful. Suzanne Clothier offers what many of us really want to know: How to deepen and enhance the connection between our dogs and ourselves and encourage the moments where we move together through life in harmony and mutual understanding. She maintains that there are no shortcuts or easy answers, however. Like all our relationships, what she calls the dance of relationship takes a lot of practice, persistence, and experience. Part inspirational guidebook, part memoir, BONES WOULD RAIN FROM THE SKY offers readers the knowledge necessary for a deeper appreciation of the animal companions who share and profoundly shape our lives. As Suzanne Clothier writes, "A life lived in relationship with an animal has the power to make us both fully human and more fully humane."  -- from the 4M Enterprise's review

For your autographed copy of Suzanne's wonderful book and other excellent items, click here:  Flying Dog Press  -- "offers unique books, videos & more from holistic trainer Suzanne Clothier & others. You'll find information on dog training, behavior, the canine athlete, jumping, tracking, aggression, puppy testing, agility, dog/human relationships, self-hypnosis, magnetic products for yourself & your pets, and lots of free articles by Suzanne Clothier on dog behavior & training."


Co-Creative Science A Revolution in Science Providing Real Solutions for Today's Health & Environment

by Machaelle Small Wright

"Co-creative science is a revolutionary way
to address the many serious problems
that are mushrooming all around us."

"This book is for everyone who wants to take charge of their life in a positive, efficient and incredibly effective way.

One of the exciting aspects of co-creative science is that everyone actively participates in it. This is a science that you must personally apply to your life in order to experience its benefits. And it has extraordinary benefits for your health and for your environment. This is a science that you can use personally and it will make a difference.

Co-Creative Science is also a book about nature. What actually makes this science unique is that it establishes a direct, active and personal partnership between you and nature for working together to successfully address the many problems that pummel our everyday lives. Once you have finished reading this book, you will be convinced that there is an intelligence in nature, that this intelligence can be accessed by anyone who wishes and that together with this intelligence we can forge a partnership that can make real changes."



Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine - Principles and Practice  Co-Edited by Allen M. Schoen, DVM, MS and Susan G. Wynn, DVM 

This is really a textbook containing a wealth of information with about 50 veterinary experts contributing.  As with most textbooks, the price is 'up there', but in my opinion, it is a very worthwhile investment.  820 pages, 100 illustrations. Published by Mosby, 1998  Click here to read an excellent review



The Complete Herbal Handbook For The Dog And Cat by Juliette de BaÔracli Levy

She is a remarkable woman and renown herbalist. This is an updated edition of the one first published in 1955. A 'must read' for breeders. Where it states: "Dog and cat owners are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of processed pet food and the possible side-effects of over-use of antibiotics and hormone treatments. This new edition, thoroughly revised and updated, covers Natural Rearing, herbal medicine and disease prevention."  Published by Faber & Faber. Available from any bookshop/online book store.





 Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats
by Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM, PhD, and Susan Hubble Pitcairn

"In this completely revised and updated edition, Dr. Pitcairn covers every facet of animal treatment and nutrition."  The excellent information this book contains makes it a great reference to have on hand.



  Environmental Research Foundation  "News and resources for environmental justice." Providing understandable scientific information about human health and the environment.

RACHEL'S ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH NEWS is a publication of the Environmental Research Foundation    
P.O. Box 5036, Annapolis, MD  21403              
Fax (410) 263-8944; E-mail: erf at rachel . org   
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To start your own free subscription to the Rachel newsletter, send E-mail to  with these words in the body of the message (not in the subject line): SUB RACHEL-NEWS YOUR FULL NAME        
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Flower Essences
Reordering Our Understanding and
Approach to Illness and Health

by Machaelle Small Wright

Co-Founder of Perelandra

"Flower essences help animals move through illness or injury with amazing speed and efficiency. And, using flower essences with animals is easy. All of the Perelandra Essences can be used with animals. For this, you'll definitely want to have... It explains how to use kinesiology with animals and how to administer the essences. Also included are instructions on how to test animals during illness, for fleas, for behavioral changes, for injury, for overnight stays at the vet and for surgery. Machaelle also discusses flower essences and animal death in this book."





Flower Essence Repertory

by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz, "... an indispensable guide for professional practices and home health care."







Four Paws Five Directions A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs by Cheryl Swartz, DVM

Also available from  AHVMA - American  Holistic Veterinary Medical Assoc.

Excerpt from the back cover: "Welcome to the ancient healing art of  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), now for cats and dogs. Used with great success on humans for thousands of years, acupressure, food, and herbal therapy are finally available to our four-legged friends. Starting with the head and working toward the toes, Four Paws, Five Directions addresses a host of problems that anyone living with an animal companion may encounter.  For instance, a surprising number of behavioral problems are actually physiological in origin... Used as either an adjunct to Western medicine or on its own [it] helps you bring your animal friend's body into balance through a treatment-and-prevention approach that saves both of you from undue distress."  406 pages, 70 photographs, published by Celestial Arts, 1996



Green Pharmacy by James A. Duke, PhD
"From a top world authority, the ultimate guide to using herbs to cure and prevent disease."



  All You Ever Wanted to Know about Herbs for Pets  by Mary Wulff-Tilford and Greg Tilford.  

This is a great tool for learning about how traditional plant medicine helps our beloved companion animals. It's a wonderful book for reference and the beautiful color photographs make you want to have it displayed on your coffee table.



Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog by Wendy Volhard and Kerry Brown, DVM (second edition)

"All New Edition of a Best-Selling Classic ...  has tips for everyone.  Whether the reader is a new dog owner or an old pro at home remedies and health food food for dogs, they will gain insight into canine health as a whole as well as their own dog's health and well-being."





The Holistic Veterinary Handbook by William G. Winter, D.V.M.

Dr. Winter is a co-founder of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Assoc. (AHVMA).  This unique book provides otherwise unavailable information.  I found that the charts for dosages of supplements to be particularly helpful. the publisher, Galde Press states: "The veterinarian who wishes to treat companion animals ("pets") by healthy, non-invasive, holistic methods will find Dr. Winter's manual an indispensable guide. Everything's here, organized into easily accessible categories for all your veterinary needs, from cat psychology to ovarian cysts, from abscesses to fleas and worming. This is the one handy reference you can't do without. Includes client handouts.ISBN 1≠880090≠47≠3, 8-1/2 x 11, 224 pgs., $39.95"  Also available from AHVMA



Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs: Small Doses for Small Animals  by Don Hamilton, DVM

Dr. Hamilton's book is packed with fascinating information not available elsewhere. The Foreword is by Dr. Richard Pitcairn and the extensive section on vaccinations alone is a must read for all animal lovers.  You may contact the , also the book is available directly from Dr. Hamilton: 505/ 666-2091 (New Mexico).

Available from 4M Dog Books, where they state: "In this book, (Dr. Hamilton) carefully lays down the essential knowledge needed to use homeopathy successfully. To read this book is to prepare you to help your animals with the many day-to-day vicissitudes of life...take some time read this book carefully, and learn of one of the greatest discoveries in the history of medicine. We are fortunate to have a healer of Dr. Hamilton's stature take us on this journey" by Richard Pitcairn, DVM., PhD.  Contains 482 pages, published by North Atlantic Books: 510/ 559-8277 (Calif.- USA)



It's For The Animals! Natural Care & Resources

What Dogs & Cats want us to know!  by Helen McKinnon

A "must have" book for all animal lovers - very valuable resources!

Or call Toll-Free  888/ 339- IFTA (4382)   / email Helen:  Dogs-Cats at ItsForTheAnimals . com (omit spaces when typing in address)



 Juliette of the Herbs Video

Juliette de BaÔracli Levy, world renowned herbalist, author, breeder of Afghan hounds, friend of the Gypsies, and traveler in search of herbal wisdom for more than 60 years. Juliette intended to be an English veterinarian, but withdrew because she wanted to utilize natural healing modalities.  She is the pioneer of Holistic Veterinary Medicine and an inspiration to all. 

Many have read Juliette's classic book (below), The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat, first published in 1955. By her extraordinary example, she reminds us to love and respect the plants and the animals. This 75 minute color video lifted my heart and made me grateful for all that Juliette has done to help the animals (and their humans). Thanks to Tish Streeten, who spent seven years on the project and all those who made this excellent documentary video possible. The video has received many awards.  Click on the photo of the video, or visit  Juliette of the Herbs Web Site, for additional information. 







K9 Kitchen: The Truth Behind the Hype  by Monica Segal, AHCW
"Cutting through the current myths that surround home-prepared canine diets, this book presents facts as well as respectful consideration to feeding each dog as an individual. The book begins with basic information, moving toward a better understanding of the nutritional needs of dogs, providing analysis of commonly fed raw meaty bones, and arrives at samples of cooked and raw diets."

Suggested reading for people who want to learn more before deciding on an appropriate feeding method for their unique dog.





Love, Miracles, and Animal Healing

A wonderful book by Allen M. Schoen, D.V.M., M. S..  Dr. Schoen has a doctorate in veterinary medicine from Cornell University, a master's degree in animal behavior and neurophysiology from the University of Illinois. He is a consultant at the Animal Medical Center in New York City. He founded and is the director of the Veterinary Institute for Therapeutic Alternatives in Sherman, Connecticut. His book went straight to my heart.



How to OrderThe audio book, Legacies of Love, a Gentle Guide to Healing from the Loss of your Animal Loved One by Teresa Wagner

"For anyone who deeply loves and grieves animals, Legacies of Love will be a nurturing and powerful part of their healing journey." ISBN 1-189864-08-4 ~ 2 audio cassettes ~ three hours running time








 of the

Bathtub Psychic

The True Story of a Clairvoyant and Her Dogs

by Bethanne Elion


This is a wonderful book!  I really related to Bethanne as she shared her heart-touching stories about her life with companion animals -- the laughter, the tears, the wonderment in acknowledging their amazing perspectives offered to us. 

Learning from Bethanne's experiences, I feel certain that untold thousands will avoid the tragic results of the mistake that she and so many of us have made: allowing unnecessary and harmful  over-vaccination of our beloved pets before we became better informed.




Perelandra Microbial Balancing Program Manual: Revised and User-Friendly
by Machaelle Small Wright

"A radically different and extraordinarily effective approach to health"

" ... This book is a joy to read and use. It's fun, interactive, easy on the eyes, illustrative and beautifully designedóit's truly alive and dancing with friendly microbes. You'll learn about the current state of microbes in the world, and how microbial health and balance impacts human, animal and environmental health and balance. And with Machaelle's enthusiastic approach, this book will change the way you think about microbes and how you integrate the Microbial Balancing Program into your life. ..." 

To use the Microbial Balancing Program, you will need all of the Perelandra Essences and the Expanded Balancing Kit.



"Positive Perspectives" 

by Pat Miller

"Positive Perspectives will show you:

  • How management works in the world of dogs.

  • One technique that prevents 75% of problem behavior before it happens.

  • Which leashes and collars create behavior problems and which ones donít.

  • Why clicker training is so popular and so effective.

  • One toy no doggie household should be without."



Prescription for Nutritional Healing: A Practical A-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies Using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, and Food Supplements, 3rd Edition by Phyllis A. Balch CNC and James F. Balch, MD

I like the way the supplements are listed as, Essential, very Important, Important, and Helpful.  It's nice to know the suggested dosages and the additional information in the Comments column.  However, there should be more generic products listed as many health foods stores will only stock a limited number of brands. For the overall assessment of this book, Stephen Barnes' review at says it best:

"As a Natural Therapist, I find the Balch's book very useful in many respects. If I want a quick rundown on a particular condition, I can look it up in the book and get its medical pathology, standard drug treatments, and how clinical nutrition and herbal therapy can help treat it.


Although the suggested supplements are broken down into various categories indicative of their importance in helping with a particular condition, a person could easily get overwhelmed with the sheer number of possible helps for a condition, not knowing for sure which ones they really need. I think there needs to be more emphasis on working with a knowledgeable health professional throughout the book so that people don't waste their time or money on supplements or herbs that will not help them. A session with a natural health professional would most likely help people to know the supplements they really need.


The "cookbook" approach to disease is another flaw in the book. The book does not emphasize root causes of diseases or how other conditions can feed into others. People may mistakenly get the idea that if they take the supplements listed for a condition, that they will be "cured".  It does not often happen like that in the real world.


The dietary advice in the book is awful. For the Balch's, it seems that the dietary answer for virtually every disease is a low-fat, near vegetarian diet that is high in complex carbohydrates. If it were only that simple! As a practitioner, I can confidently tell you that some of the sickest people I've ever dealt with have been vegetarians and high carb/low fat  diets often worsen people's health. For more accurate nutritional information, see the books LIFE WITHOUT BREAD or NOURISHING TRADITIONS.

The Balch's entries on saturated fats are abysmal and full of mistakes. For example, in the section on multiple sclerosis (MS), they tell readers to avoid saturated fats at all costs because of research (from one person!) that implicates saturates as aggravating factors in the disease. But two recent studies of 200,000 women showed that saturated fats, animal fats, and dietary cholesterol were PROTECTIVE against MS (Am J Epidem., Dec. 2000 1;152(11):1056-64). They also preach the mistaken Lipid Hypothesis of heart disease on virtually every page. This theory has been thoroughly disproved by several noted researchers (see U. Ravmskov's book "The Cholesterol Myths").

If you can ignore the wrong dietary advice and use this book for its positive aspects, you will get much out of it, however. "



Prescription for Nutritional Healing A-To-Z Guide to Supplements: A Handy Resource to Today's Most Effective Nutritional Supplements by James F. Balch, MD and Phyllis A. Balch

Many people like this book for more in-depth information pertaining just to nutritional supplements.



A great source for books:

4-M Enterprises

"from Vi: "If we don't have it, we'll do our doggonedest to get it for you" is more than a slogan; it is a way of life at 4-M Enterprises. We constantly strive to maintain the most comprehensive selection of books, both in-print and out-of-print. This means that we not only buy current releases from publishers, but we also spend hundreds of hours on the phone and on the road to find the books you want. Our efforts to this end have earned us the reputation, "If anyone has it, 4-M will."

"4-M Enterprises has been attending dog shows for over twenty-five years and we constantly strive to bring you the best dog books & video's available. We maintain the most comprehensive selection of books, both in-print and out-of-print.  ~Vi Neill
Owner, 4-M Enterprises, Inc."

4-M Enterprises, Inc.
Everything In Dog Books
34937 Peco St.
Union City, CA 94587    800-487-9867    e-mail: info at 4mdogbooks . com (omit spaces when typing in address)

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