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                                         Jean's beloved George

Always for George

Found  September 1992   -   Lost  October 13, 1997

Always for the Rimadyl Dogs - B.A.R.K.S.

"George was a stray.  I found him (or sometimes I think he found me) in 1992.  He just seemed right at home almost immediately.  I had him for five wonderful years.  When it was apparent arthritis was causing him pain, I was given a prescription for the drug Rimadyl.  Little did I know that in less than 30 days on that drug - I would have to let my best friend go - he suffered irreversible adverse side effects!  It was devastating - I had helped kill my beloved George!  I was told nothing about this drug and what its side effects were.  No pre-testing was done to see if he could even tolerate the drug!

  How I Cope

Since George's death on October 13, 1997, I have met hundreds of other dog owners (via the Internet and several personally) whose beloved companions have suffered apparent adverse side effects of Rimadyl.  Through a mailing list ( we stay in touch and help others whose dogs have suffered similarly.  Through the Senior Dogs Project web site - there is invaluable information available to dog owners (both pro and con) about this drug.  

Each day since his death, I try to reach at least one person who has not heard of Rimadyl's dark side.  If I can save just one dog's life - it means that George's death was not in vain!"

---------  Jean T.


  B.A.R.K.S.* are WARNINGS!!

An Informative Flyer to Print-Out AND DISTRIBUTE to Animal Lovers


August 18, 2004


"Jean Townsend of Johns Island, South Carolina announced today that a settlement has been reached with Pfizer, Inc. in what appears to be the first lawsuit of its kind in this country a lawsuit over injuries that led to the death of Ms. Townsend's chocolate lab, George. ..."


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